What Your Aura Can Reveal About Your Personality

What Your Aura Can Reveal About Your Personality. Every person has an energy field, or aura, surrounding them.  This aura can tell a lot about your personality and the energy that you put out into the universe.  While you may notice that someone lights up a room when they enter with a positive energy or quite the opposite, bringing a negative feeling with them, a psychic can delve deeper into a person’s aura.  Reading an individual’s aura can offer great insight into that person and how they interact with the world and those around them.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

A person’s aura is identified as a color, or in many cases multiples colors, that surround the person.  These colors originate from the seven chakras. A vibrant red aura indicates self-sufficiency, competitiveness and passion.  A darker red can instead indicate anger or stress. A strong orange present shows creativity, energy and adventure.

Yellow auras represent optimism, playfulness and inspiration, while a green aura can indicate a teacher or charitable person.  A vibrant blue represents a rational person who is honest and spiritual. An indigo aura shows a person that is sensitive and empathetic.  Those with a violet aura surrounding them are attuned to spiritual vibrations and are often amazingly imaginative. A silver or gold aura is indicative of power and wealth.  Black of grey auras often indicate someone that is insecure and afraid, while white signifies purity in a person’s energy.

How this Can Affect You Going Forward

In many cases a person’s aura can consist of many colors, some stronger and more powerful than others.  Throughout your life, your aura’s colors can change based on what you are experiencing and how this may be causing you to feel.

A psychic can help you to tune in to your surrounding aura.  Understanding this energy that you are expending to the world can help you to address any negative feelings, while honing in on your strengths.

For a look into your own aura, schedule a psychic reading with Lisa.  Call 732-390-7500.

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