Parties and Events

For your next party or event, think beyond the traditional DJ and dancing. To ensure that your event is a true stand-out and has people talking long after the party, entertain guests with personalized psychic readings. This is a great option for private parties, corporate events and fundraisers.

Parties, Fundraisers and Events – Entertain Your Guests with Psychic Readings

Standard party entertainment is often the same from event to event. If you want to really make your party memorable, provide an on-site professional psychic reader. Offering individual psychic readings for each of your guests is a sure-fire way to stand out from other events. All of your guests will be talking about your event and their psychic reading long after the party. The opportunity to have a personalized psychic reading is unique and insightful, something that your guests will appreciate.

Available for Private Parties at Your Home or Venue

Lisa is available to entertain at your next private party or event. Whether at your home or a rented venue, she will travel to you locally bringing along all of the spiritual training and psychic talents that she has fine-tuned over the years. Your guests will be amazed by the opportunity to have their own psychic reading at your event. If you aren’t located locally in New Jersey, Lisa is happy to schedule a video conference so that you can still offer your guests this one-of-a-kind opportunity for a psychic reading with Lisa.

To book her for your next event call Lisa at 732-390-7500 or fill out the form below.