Dream Interpretations

Your sub-conscious is often trying to tell you something. This frequently manifests itself through dreams. Of course, the message isn’t always clear or straight-forward. This is where dream interpretation comes into play. Without the conscious brain to get in the way, dreams can help us to understand not only your present state of mind but also anxieties and fears that may be standing in your way.

Dreams are a Way of Communicating Between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

If something is troubling you or causing stress, your dreams will often reflect these feelings. Even the most insignificant of dreams often have a special meaning that when interpreted can provide insight and understanding. By connecting with our feelings and better understanding your state of mind through dream interpretation, you can develop a plan to resolve any bad feelings. Addressing these issues will help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Dreams are often a way for the spiritual world to contact us. This can be a loved one that has passed on and is trying to let the dreamer know that they are well, relay a message, or even make a request. Your dreams can often hold these important messages but need to be read and interpreted to fully understand. Dreams can also be a premonition of something that is to come. By understanding the meaning, you can ensure that you are open to any messages from the spiritual world.

Professional Dream Interpretation and Analysis

Lisa has been exploring this connection between the conscious and unconscious mind for many years. Through dream interpretations, Lisa is able to help her clients to understand what may be troubling their minds. This leads to a happier, more self-aware life.

Through the process, Lisa encourages her clients to keep a dream journal. Often even the smallest detail can open up a wealth of information and understanding into how the mind is working. Dream interpretation is a great first step to becoming more aware of your feelings and the connection to your unconscious mind.

To set up a professional dream interpretation and begin the journey to a more enlightened state of mind contact Lisa at 732-390-7500 or fill out the form below.