Chakra Balancing and Cleansing

Chakra refers to the energy centers in the human body. These help to regulate everything in the body from emotions to the body’s ability to fight off disease. There are seven chakras in the body from the bottom of the spine to the crown of the head. The various chakras can be affected, and essentially thrown out of whack by a variety of factors. From Emotional Events to Traumatic Life Experiences, Chakras Can Be Affected Any of your seven chakras can be affected by the many twists and turns that life can often throw your way. This type of imbalance can demonstrate as emotional or physical distress. Misalignment of the body’s chakras can be caused by grief, a breakup, a bad argument or a traumatic event. Symptoms of a blocked chakra include boredom, guilt, low self-worth and jealousy to name a few. Physical signs can include low energy, reduced libido, and overall poor health.

Cleansing Your Chakra and Regaining Balance

It is important for your well-being that your chakra regains its balance. Each of the chakras demonstrates their own symptoms of imbalance, physically and mentally. To begin the balancing process, the chakra that is affected will be identified based on your symptoms. Only after the source has been identified can the cleansing and rebalancing begin. Tools for this may include meditation, relaxation, nutrition and changes to your surroundings. Lisa has worked with countless clients to reestablish the chakra balance in their bodies. Utilizing tools based on the problem identified, Lisa can work with you to restore your body’s balance and improve
your overall health and well-being.

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