Uncovering Information About Yourself Through Numerology

Uncovering Information About Yourself Through Numerology. Numerology, which is closely related to astrology, is the study of numbers in your life.  The universe, when broken down, is left with the most basic of elements, numbers. These numbers can be used to better understand yourself and the world around you.  By studying these numbers, you can find insights into your personality traits, life path and your heart’s desire that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Finding Meaning in the Numbers through a Professional Reading

The practice of numerology is very complicated and is best left to a professional to ensure that you are receiving enough details and accurate readings.  A numerologist will go through a series of complicated calculations with many layers of different numbers to share insights and reveal hidden meanings to you.  A reading typically begins with your name and birth date. The numbers that are associated with you are not a coincidence, but they will affect you on your journey throughout life.  A numerologist can help you to better understand how these affect you.

Understanding the Numbers

During a numerology reading, you will learn your Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Soul Urge Number, Expression Number and Personality Number and how these each play into your personality and plan for life.  The Life Path Number demonstrates who you are, your personality and any distinctive traits that are unique to you. Using the day and year that you were born, the Birthday Number can offer insight into talents that you possess.

The Soul Urge Number is reflective of your inner soul, including hopes and desires that you have.  Your Personality Number is deduced using only consonants in your name, followed by a series of calculations.  This number will explain your outward character traits, or those that you show to others. This can be surprising to some, as you may not be entirely conscious of these traits.  

A master numerologist can deduce a lot from this type of reading, offering insight about yourself that even you had never realized.  To schedule a numerology reading, contact Lisa at 732-390-7500.


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