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Tarot Card Reading Special


Now through November 25th, have a Tarot Card reading for only $10.00.

Would you like insight on:

  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Decisions
  • Grieving
  • Health

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The dedication, patience, and understanding are what separates me from others. I have continually devoted my life to this and feel that it has been chosen for me.  All of my sessions will offer advice, clarity and true direction. Readings should not only give you the truth but also inspiration and motivation. I give my clients knowledge which brings out their true abilities. I have experience working with diverse cultures and beliefs.

In all of our lives there comes a time when we begin to second guess ourselves. Are we in the right place in life? Are you making the right decision? Where do you go from here? It can be disconcerting to feel like you may be heading down the wrong direction, whether short-term or a life-altering decision. Psychic Lisa can help you with the insight you are looking for.

Contact Psychic Lisa today by calling (732) 390-7500 or email her at premierpsychic@gmail.com